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Watch Fitness Mind movie


Watch Fitness Mind movie
I made this mind movie because it help me stay motivated to exercise every day & keep tying more.

Dorian Howell Fitness MindmovieThe Fitness MindMovie Challenge
I challenge you to watch this video every day for 6 months & try to loss weight because the more you watch it the more you will want to exercise or eat more healthy.

The purpose of this 6 months challenge is to make an inspiring way of focusing on having the law of attraction work for you, as well as raising awareness of this powerful universal law which has successfully worked for so many people already.  This is our world and we have the choice to spread positive intention and help others who share this with your family & friends.  Law of attraction can help many people’s lives and can truly make a difference in the world and how we view it and live in it.


Tips to become more Healthy & Fit

1 Drink pure water every day

2 Do a walk every day

3 Exercise with a friend or family member to keep you going

4 Set 30 days goals

5 Hire a fitness trainer or buy a exercise program

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