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Facebooktwittergoogle_plusyoutubeinstagram youtubeYouTube Achievements from when I started back in 2009 to share a video my Mom couldn’t get to play on her computer so I uploaded it to YouTube so she could watch it that video remove from YouTube now its 2016. I have never really focused on building my YouTube channel that much, mostly uploading videos from other YouTube channels, but this blog post is about my main YouTube channel 5ideas

The Name

Where did the name come from?

It start with us masterminding about a name for a business the only name-idea that we all could accept was 5ideas.

#5 was because in my family is my Mom & my Dad, Me, my Brother & my Sister so the total is 5.

Ideas was because we all have ideas.

My Results as of 8/20/2016

Uploads 159 Videos

Created 24 Playlists

Subscribers 1515

Video Views 215,453

I stop uploading video in 2015 because I was doing other projects but, now I’m recording a lot more.


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