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Legs Workout


How To Do SquatsHow To Do Squats
The squat is the most popular Legs exercise because you can lift a lot of weight doing a squat, only leg exercise that you can lift even more weight is the leg press machine.

Squats Benefits
1. Improve Posture
2. Strengthen the Quadriceps Muscles Groups that are the front of the thighs.
3. Strengthen the Hamstrings Muscle Groups that are the back of the thigh.
4. Improve Balance

How To Do DeadliftHow To Do Deadlift
(Note Yes this is also a back exercise too but the deadlifts work the hamstrings a lot as well & that why I have it in the legs workout program.)

Deadlifts Benefits
1. Improve the Erector Spinae muscle group also called the lower back.
2. Improve the Hamstrings muscle group also are the back of the thigh.
3. Improve Posture
4. Increased Real Life Lift
5. It’s Safe to do. No risk of dropping the weight on your body.
6. Improved Grip Strength

How To Do LungeHow to Do Lunge

Lunge Benefits
1. Improve Hip Flexibility
2. Improve Core Strength
3. Strengthen the Buttocks and Legs Muscle Groups
4. Improve Thigh Muscle Groups
5. Improve Balance (This one is my favorite benefit of all)
I found that Lunge help me with sport like Tennis, Racquetball, Table Tennis, Pickleball because Lunge help improve footwork & movement.

How To Do Lateral LungeHow To Do Lateral Lunge
This exercise is more commonly called the side lunge & works the same muscle as the front lunge but the focus is more on the hips muscle groups.

Lateral Lunge Benefits
1. Improve Balance
2. Improve Hip Flexibility
3. Improve Core Strength
4. Improve The Thigh Muscle Groups
Just like Front Lunge benefit footwork & movement but I believe Lateral Lunge help even more with sports movement like Tennis, Racquetball, Table Tennis, Pickleball because the sports have a lot of lateral movement to them.

How To Do Calf RaiseHow To Do Calf Raises
Calf Raise is also called the Heel Raises too

Calf Raise Benefits
1. Improve your Calves Muscle Group
2. Improve your Ankle Flexibility
3. Improve Blood Flow into your feet

If you can’t watch the video here’s the direct link 


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