Becoming an Alchemist in Ragnarok Online

Becoming an Alchemist Ragnarok Online


Becoming an Alchemist Ragnarok Online

Out of my 3 characters Magician, Acolyte, Merchant. The Merchant was the hardest to level up to level 50 jobs to become an Alchemist & kill monsters because, The Merchant would miss hit the monsters a lot & that slow down leveling compared to Magician, Acolyte.

Now for beginners to speed level to second job classic out my 3 characters I would put Acolyte as fastest, Magician being in the middle & Merchant in last place. I’m thinking of making another 6 accounts so I can have all the characters but that’s if Gravity lets me &/or if they Becoming an Alchemist Ragnarok Onlinebecome an Sponsor of us so We can keep making more promoter content for the Ragnarok Online Game.

Becoming an Alchemist in Ragnarok Online

It took me 12 days of 3 to 4 hours every day to become an Alchemist so my total time was 36 to 48 hours.

When my Merchant was level 37 I started a twitter poll for 2 days to help me decide which path I should take an Blacksmith or Alchemist

Becoming an Alchemist Ragnarok OnlineWhen I decided to become an Alchemist that poll of 50/50 I made an blog post about it

I believe to have fun but, if I just focus on leveling fast I believe I would of hit level 50 job within 1 week if I just focus on killing 1 or 2 monsters with high numbers of them. I slow it down by doing both quest boards & going around the 3 towns & Eden Group Leveling Quests.

Becoming an Alchemist Ragnarok OnlineAlchemist Job Quest

I know that all the job quests are supposed to be hard but I believe that they all must also be fun to do not boring like the Monk Job Quest I liked the Wizard Quest but it could of been better

What I like about Wizard Job Quest

  1. I like the quiz that tested my knowledge of what magic attacks work best against certain monsters base on what they’re weak to.
  2. After the quiz on what magic attacks work best against certain monsters base on what they’re weak to.

What I thought about Monk Job Quest

  1. Becoming an Alchemist Ragnarok OnlineI didn’t like the running test that took me 30 minutes to do, it was the most boring test ever because it was just reparative with nothing exciting about it & even the background music wasn’t good either so I put on my own music to keep me focus.
  2. I like the maze test but I think the maze needed to be bigger because the invisible walls was fun but, the maze too small & I got out of it before a lot of monsters could even attack me.

Becoming an Alchemist in Ragnarok Online

Alchemist Job Quest

Part 1 of the Alchemist Job Quest was just give NPC $50,000 zeny plus items
Part 2 of the Alchemist Job Quest was just make pots this part I liked because that’s what Alchemist do so it fit the theme.Becoming an Alchemist Ragnarok Online
Medicine Bowl x 3
Empty Bottle x 3
Red Herb x 1
Yellow Herb x 1
White Herb x 1

Part 3 of the Alchemist Job Quest I hate this part because of the Mixture and Counteragent Quest where the items needed for it was really rare to get it so I had to just buy it from an random shop that has it & I made posts how I dislike the shopping system. Plus I dislike that I had to go back and forth from Geffen, Aldebaran, Alberta, Prontera.

Part 4 of the Alchemist Job Quest I like it but also I dislike it because  Bain and Bajin brothers was in Yuno! I had to walk it & I don’t mind walking it but the monsters I had to go thru were higher level than me & aggressive making it really hard to do this solo.

Part 5 after going to Yuno now I have togo back to Aldebaran just to become an Alchemist why not just Becoming an Alchemist in Ragnarok Onlinehave Bain make me into Alchemist or something cool!!

Out of the 3 Job Changing Quests I would rate them

Wizard #1

Monk #2

Alchemist #3


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