Ragnarok Online Monk Review Part 2


Check out Part 1 of Ragnarok Online Review from Past Player’

monk-skillsMore new findings

1. I notice that my character does a lot more damage than I remember for my level.

2. I also notice that they changed the level of some of the higher level monsters that I remember need the picture show a mutant dragon is only level 66 that’s way to lower & alligator is only level 57.

lower-lvl-monstersMy results & plans 

Like you can see I’m now a Monk from the pictures. Do the Happy Dance! I think I leveled my skills wrong because I should of focus on only leveling the skills to get raging trifecta blow first so I do more damage without needing to summon my spirit spheres or use a lot of SP to kill monsters quicker, but, I’m still enjoying playing the game. I’m more of a solo player & I don’t talk to other players a lot that why my equipment is so noob.

My plan is the same like in my first part is to have fun first & kill new monsters or monsters I didn’t kill a lot of because the monsters had bad exp or hard to get to it or bad # of them to kill making me wait until they come back.


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