Ragnarok Online Monk Review


My Journey to Becoming Monk Part 1 & Review

I started playing Ragnarok Online again since they added new 4 lvl jobs. 

I play it like 10 years ago & I forgot my email/login info so I’m starting out from nothing. I’m playing on chaos server. From making this blog post I have been playing Ragnarok Online for 5 days for 4 hours each day.

Ragnarok Online Review Part 1

I can’t ready give a in-depth review because I haven’t played the game long enough to see a lot of new changes but, if you loved the old Ragnarok Online you will love it because it looks like the same thing just with new level job classes.

Ragnarok Online ReviewWhat’s NEW

What I notice is new that they added a quest board so for new player they will always know what monsters they should be killing & the only thing bad about the new quest board is it stop at level 100 but, I’m thinking at level 100 there will be new Towns that will have higher quest boards.

I do like that other towns have other monsters on their quest board to fit with the monsters of the area. They did something to how I would get to Morroc Town but, I haven’t learn why they did that yet.

Ragnarok Online ReviewNew looking map

I don’t remember the map looking so good before & new Map search tool where you can search for Monsters, NPC, or Map names plus it will make never ending arrow to where you want to go.

Ragnarok Online ReviewWhat’s OLD

Most of the stuff is old to me but, I’m thinking it’s because I have only played it for no more than 20 hours. The one thing I want them to change is Merchant’s Shops everywhere in popular Towns I know that what the Merchant class do but, from playing Maplestory where anyone can setup a shop or Ragnarok Online Revieweven their mobile app RO Valkyrie I think that Shop system need to be removed & replace by a new system like in mobile RO where it’s a menu of items because, with the old system it make it lag more & it hard on both the players & company because the players have to have the Ragnarok Online Game open to have their shop open.

Here’s the pros & cons of the Merchant’s Shops system


Rewards players that look for deals


A lot of lag  

I feel like I’m missing something but, that my main points if I did please comments what it is.

For New Player Ragnarok Online Review

  1. It’s ready easy to pick up like less than 10 minutes
  2. Fun background music so no need to adding your musci.
  3. A lot of character choose from
  4. Epic bosses

I played up to Transcendent 2-2 Job Class so I have played a lot with Lord Knights & Assassin Cross also having all the others classes but, Scholar, Minstrel, Gypsy because I always thought they suck.

In the past my first character was always an Swordsman or Thief because Mage or Archer have the same problem of dying easy & needing to buy stuff ie. buying a lot of red/blue pots for Mage or buying arrows all the time plus red/blue pots for Archer.

In the past my next character would be Merchant so I can buy pots & other items at a lower price & sell stuff to others quicker, also to become a blacksmith to make elemental weapons & upgrade weapons easier

In the past my plan would be to level up as fast as possible without exploring the other areas that would result in dying a lot when hitting high level area where the monsters attacking without getting attacked first.

My Ragnarok Online plan is to have fun & enjoy the journey of the game.

New starter character as Acolyte & going for Monk

Reason why is because I have started all over again with the official servers & private server a lot & I never started with Acolyte going for Monk. (side note I had a Champion that I only used for Asura Strike but I still used my Lord Knight or Assassin Cross a lot more.)

Tying new things

Kill new monster


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