Core Workout


You will learn 4 minutes the exercises to get an flat belly &/or build stronger core for sports.

Now some people think of abs exercises when seeing core workout & abs are part of your core muscles but, “the core means the central or most important part of something.”
another way of thinking of your core as the trunk of an tree.

Core Workout
by domdeen &

The Core Muscles
Your core muscles help to protect your spine & keep you balance when you’re on one foot.
Abdominal also called abs are the front of your body right under your chest.

Obliques also called obs are on both sides of your abs.

Erector Spinae also called lower back

Core Workout
by domdeen &

Hip flexors and extensors also called the inner & outer thigh but I’m not focusing on the muscles because you can work them in my Legs Workout

Gluteus also called buttock


Now I’m focusing on the Abdominal, Obliques & the Erector Spinae.

I choose the 3 core exercises because they are beginner friendly & can benefits even fit people as well.



Pilate Twists Benefits

  1. Work all 3 muscles Abdominal, Obliques & the Erector Spinae
  2. Help improve the blood flow in the Erector Spinae

Most core exercise are best done on the floor & on your back but, this exercise is great because it can be done on an chair or standing upright.

Lying Knee Raises Benefits 

  1. Works Abdominal with most of the force on your lower Abdominal muscle & really little on obliques muscles.
  2. Little stretch of your Erector Spinae.
  3. Work your thighs & hips muscles a little.

Ball Crunch looks hard to do but, anyone can do it & I like doing crunches on an exercise ball because it’s fun & help stretch my Erector Spinae


  1. Work your Abdominal harder than the Pilates Twist & Lying Knee Raises.
  2. Deep stretch in your Erector Spinae.
  3. Improve blood flow to your Erector Spinae
  4. Improve your Posture



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