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Racquetball Dorian HowellThis is about my thoughts & my journey of playing more than one sport. Learning Something New

My Back Story of My First Sport
I have been playing the sport called Racquetball since July of 2011 starting out as Novice & I have improved a lot becoming A level player in 2015, but, when I’m not doing any kind of fitness or court training I’m still a B level player even though by definition of Me not drilling on a weekly base makes me a D level player but,

I would like to see a D level player as skilled as I am. I still play Racquetball from 1 to 3 times a week with no drilling at all, just playing singles, doubles, cut throat & sometimes 2 vs me.

My Start of Playing Ping Pong or Table Tennis
Like most people I played it as a kid with cheap $3 paddle & 1 star balls, on a 4 part table, but I never thought of it as anything more than a game like monopoly or tagged to play. But years later a friend of mine kept asking me to play with him so I did & I got my butt kicked because he have been Table Tennis for 30+ years & yes he is in his 60’s if not in his early 70’s. He encourages me to go see others play in local tournament & I got to see people of all ages & of all skill levels. My first tournament was a rated tournament that cost me close to $80 on Nov 7th 2015 & I was second from the bottom of the players. My rating was 800 & I was using a $7 hard paddle with short pips without sponge & my goal was to get 1 point per game per match. I achieved that goal even though I had to play against 2000 rated players in the round robin & I won a match, 1 game in 2 different matches.  What made me want to keep playing Table Tennis after getting beat badly in the tournament was that everyone was so friendly & encouraging to me also because in Racquetball the higher level I played the more like if I made a mistake I couldn’t recovery from that in the rally but, in Table Tennis if I made a mistake that I still have a chance of winning the rally by using lobs to stay in the point unlike Racquetball.

Similarities between Racquetball & Table Tennis
1 Both are racquet sport play with a round ball
2 Both are played singles 1 vs 1 or doubles 2 vs 2
3 Both are played on box type area
4 Both have similar strategies and tactics
5 Similar needs of footwork
6 Similar swinging motion but I would say that Table Tennis is more like Tennis than Racquetball

Differences Between Racquetball & Table Tennis

The size of the playing area, size of the sport equipment, size of the ball, swinging motion, scoring system, match system.


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