beauty and the beast 2017 movie review

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Review


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Emma Watson as Belle
Emma Watson did an good job acting & her singing was enjoyable.

Dan Stevens as Beast
First RIP. I believe he did great job both acting & singing. I would of like to watch more movies or shows with him in it. RIP

Luke Evans as Gaston
Luke embodied Gaston & stole the show.

Josh Gad as LeFou
Every scene with Josh was fun & enjoyable

Same as the cartoon movie

I felt like Beast all the others was fake.

I favorite song was “Be our guest”
All the song were enjoyable

My Opinion from the Beauty and the Beast 2017 Movie Trailers

It to me felt so dark & so sad but, watching the movie it had some dark parts but overall it was fun musical movie.

My rating wait for it on DVD

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