My Road To First Place


Before I go thru what I was thinking & feeling during my matches during the tournament I won here’s the backstory the week before I played in an Table Tennis Tournament & I got destroyed.

Bruce have short pips on both side of his racquet & played different than I’m used to plus I thought my level of fitness would beat him but he was the better player that day.

Bruce would hit the ball slowly & attack out of the blue

He won in 3 games

How I can win in the future?

I believe I made 3 mistakes

  • Miss judged his fitness level – I now keep repeating this in my mind when I play “respect my opponent”
  • Relaxing too much
  • Keep the ball in play longer & waiting for my chance


Fan Li Pen-hold grip

He had a lot of energy & had good topspin attacks

He won 3 games to 1

11 – something

11 – something

I won 11 – 8

than he won 11 – something

How I can win in the future?

He repeat it the same thing over and over again.

I believe I made 2 mistakes

  • Attack his strong head on
  • Change on spin during rallies.


Bo Wang has more firepower than I could handle basely I would attack & he would re-attack my attack with more power! He hit right thru me!

12 – 10

11 – 8

I won 11 – 8

11 – 9

How I can win in the future?

He has an hard time with my chops & dead balls.

He has hard time returning my shot angle serves to both his forehand & backhand.

I believe I made 2 mistakes

Not changing things up during rallies

Changing my serves too much


Sam Pen-Holder

This is the only match I won but it was bitter sweet because He was tired by the time I got to play him so I think half of winning this match was by luck.

I won in 3 games

18 -16 this game was more than 10 minutes long!



Each game felt like a hour!

How I can win in the future?

Play him when he is tired but I think I would had won even if he was tired because I’m been practicing with him alot so i’m used to shots

I believe I made 0 mistakes but I have to keep it in my mind that he could of won easily.




I would like to play more matches against him because I felt that his style of play make it really fun to play him.

I won the first 2 games easily because he was nervous & I let down my guard before I know it, it was 2 games to 2 games omg & I loss last game

How I can win in the future?

I felt like his skill & mine are even but if I keep focus & rusting him make him feel uncomfortable I can win in 3 games.

I believe I made 3 mistakes

  • Miss judged his skill level – I now keep repeating this in my mind when I play “respect my opponent”
  • Relaxing too much
  • My own fitness let me down my legs cramps

Now Here’s the takeaways from being destroyed

  1. Better preparation so I don’t get muscles cramps
  2. Respect my opponents
  3. Keep fighting until I win
  4. Also to try hard to find their weaknesses


Now to the Tournament I won.

I ate better 3 days in the row before the Table Tennis Tournament.

I keep changing what’s in my bag sorry but it’s like a shopping list.

1x Gatorade 16oz

1x Protein Bar (Note to self if I ate right before tournament I don’t need this)

1x Carrot Juice alot of 32oz this is for energy plus after each game I would drink some of it & my opponent all made bad faces & it was funny.

1x water bottle & I refuel it alot

3x Extra tshirts for when I had to wait to play. I think it’s 1 tshirt per every 2 hours of the tournament.

Second hair band

Second shoes

Hand towel to dry my hands & face off plus get a mini break every 6 points per games


I played 2 practice matches before tournament started

Before I started the practice match I just Mark with him for 10 minutes.

First match Mark

He has a interesting style of playing he only chop on the ball making the ball slow down alot or he smash the ball making the ball move really fast.

His serves are the thing I have the most problems with. I lost 3-1 games I realized his style of play after I was 2-0  (Note to self I must learn to find out opponent styles quicker)


Warm up hitting with George for 5 minutes

Second match George STTC

He forehand attacker & backhand blocker

His weakness is when I chop the ball he only put it back in play never attack it.

Great match with George won 3-2 I was tying new things not just choping to him until I get a setup ball for me to attack.


Tournament just started I learned that it’s best to be last to play in the tournament so I can see how my opponents play & how they handle spin but, In the round robin they wanted to go by the drawing so I was up first with my first opponent was Mike.

Mike had Table Tennis Club tshirt on so I thought he was like Bruce from last week tournament.

In the warm up I made sure to test both backspin & topspin with Mike.

I found he could handle both spin well keep the ball play but not attacking it.

I learn that if I have the choice who serve first I should always serve second because it give me 2 extra points to warm up with my opponent before I have to start serving. Now the benefit of serving first is it put more pressure on your opponent when their serving at 8-10 if both players keep their serve points because score will eventually get to be 10 points YOU to 8 points opponent & with your opponent serving to stay in the game it’s really hard but this example only works if the scores get 10-8. I find it less pressure on me in the first game if I serve second & in the next game I’ll be serving first in ideal way I should win first game than in second game I should have some momentum to win the second game too.

Mike was alot weaker than I first thought so the games was

Game 1 I won 11 -4

Game 2 I won 11 -4

Game 3 I won 11 -6

After the match I give him some encouragement & complements.


Jonathan is the same Jonathan I played 3 tournaments ago

My old note of Jonathan

left handed player
Great attacker player
But, I won in 3 games I didn’t want to give up even a since point to him because he could of won the match.

My new notes of Jonathan

Forehand & Backhand attacker but slow to reset after the first attack ie block attack away from him & I’ll win most point right away. Out of all my opponents in this tournament he had the best Forehand & Backhand attacks but he loses to many points hitting into the net or off the table.

How I won

  • I stepped back from the table & I just kelp the ball on the table
  • I only did safe attacks that will be on the table 70% of the time.

I won in 3 games

Jonathan improvement from the last tournament I played him in but I’m improving too that why I won.

Mike & Jonathan was my only opponents in the round robin

Next up is Pizza time!!! 

Ideally I shouldn’t eat the pizza but pizza is part of the fun of the tournament.

I ate 2 pieces of pizza with a lot of water. I did a practice match with Rick & I think his name is Mike? I lose to Rick 3-2 & I won against Mike 3-0 because how his serves I could read what spin was on it so I know how to attack it & he was not ready for that. After my 2 practice matches I went to the restroom.

At this point is where I lose because it’s now single elimination.

I must work on my mental strength because I have problems playing against & even it they are not as skilled as me.

70’s years young people where they look like they can’t walk well but play great

Physically disabled people I feel sorry for them

Kids because I want to encourage them & if I play to win, it could be not as much fun for them losing.

Ladies/Girls I just don’t try to win as much, I think it’s because ladies/girls generally can’t hit the ball as hard as guys can so I try match their speed & not hit the ball as hard as I can that also messes with my rhythm.


My first opponent in single elimination round a Kid & Girl on center stage table or show table really!!!

Young Girl I don’t know her age maybe 8 years

Warming up Her forehand & backhand was great for her age but she couldn’t hurt me.

I could to handle her spin & speed so the only way I could lose is if I keep hitting the ball in the net or off the table. At this point a lot of people started to watch this match so my plan was to first to win but I wanted to encourage her & to make sure she had fun.

Game 1. She was short & she couldn’t serve right so she serve was always a setup that I could kill it most time but I felt bad doing that I kelp started to blocked until her miss than I realized I could practice my lob with her. I won 11 – 8 the score looks closer than it really was.

Game 2. I just lobed to her forehand & every 3 or 4 hits I would hit to her backhand & win the point.

I won 11 – 9 At this point I think she know that I was going to win this match. She couldn’t keep score always give me more points.

Game 3. I lost 11 – 9

I believe for kids it’s encouraging to let them win every now and than.

Game 4. I won


Linda Diamond

Linda Diamond is the Nice Lady that I forgot her name from 3 tournaments ago

Past notes on Linda
I won in 5 games 13-11, 8-11, 13-11, 6-11, 11-13
she was great at keeping the ball on table & placing ball away from me. I found her weakness in the first game but I wanted to keeping play so I try not to attack her weakness in every rally & I wanted to test stuff against defensive style. I learned a lot from this match.
PS. it could of backfire & I could of lost the match too LOL

Respect my opponents just because I won 3 tournaments ago doesn’t mean I’ll win today so I must stay with my plan #1 try find my opponents weaknesses so in our warm up I tested both topspin & backspin also tested her forehand & backhand with both spins. She improved a lot now her was able to attack with her forehand but not strong enough to hurt me consistently.

Game 1. I won 11-7

Game 2. I won 11-8

Game 3. I lost 10-12 Linda was stocked & laughed when I said good game started walking over to get a drink from my water bottle & carrot juice. Linda didn’t keep track of the game score.

After I got my drink & I was walking over to the table I friendly said to Linda now that you won a game I’m going to destroy you.

Game 4. I won 11-6 This game I started to attack more & stop being passive with my lobs.

How I won

  • Same game as when I played Jonathan keep the ball in play with a lot of topspin.
  • I used lobs to tire Linda out in the first 2 games because her now could smash ball with some consistent.
  • Turn every rally into topspin by using lobs or loops safe shots.


Bets Meier

I have seen Bets before but I never played her so when I was warming up test everything like with all my opponents I found that her would hit the ball slightly early & keep the ball low over the net but without much spin or speed.

Game 1. I won 11-6

Game 2. I won 11-6

Game 3. I won 11-8


I got first place!

Bets Meier got second place

Linda Diamond got third place


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