Basic Stretching Routine

Basic Morning Stretching Routine


My students had ask me to outline a basic morning stretching routine. This routine is for everyone but I created this routine with my students that are 65+ years young in mind. so take what you need from it & throw away the rest. alot of my ideas are from me observing the common problems they have. I would add the videos how to stretches later go to

Here’s the Basic Morning Stretching Routine

We are focusing on stretching your neck, hands & feets. I suggest that you try mixing up the order of the stretches to fit your morning habits. for example. Sometime I start with my neck than move on to the next stretches or I might add some others stretches if I feel like another muscle is causing me a problem in the moment. I will make a longer stretching routine later on for those who want to stretch everything but, this basic routine is a great starting point for anyone.

Benefits of this Morning Stretching Routine

  1. Improve blood flow in your neck, hands & feet
  2. Pain Relief in your neck, hands & feet
  3. Improve range of motion & flexibility in your neck, hands & feet

Feet Stretches

  1. Foot Circles
  2. Side To Side
  3. Up & Down
  4. Heels Lifts
  5. Toes Lifts
  6. Calves Stretch
  7. Shin Stretch

Hand Stretches

  1. Hands Circles
  2. Palm facing down, press down
  3. Make Fist, press down
  4. Palm facing up, press down
  5. Thumb, press thumb toward yourself

Neck Stretches 

  1. Head Side To Side
  2. Turn Your Head Side To Side
  3. Look Up & Down


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